Developer FAQ

How can I develop for Green Throttle?

We’d love to have you develop games that are compatible with the Green Throttle controllers. Please sign up here for updates regarding our SDK.

How would I implement the Green Throttle gamepad into my game?

Currently, Green Throttle is compatible with Unity apps for Android, but we have plans to expand our service to other languages soon. If there’s a specific language you’d like supported, please contact [email protected] with your request.

Which devices are Green Throttle controllers compatible with?

Our supported device list is constantly growing, but currently, Green Throttle controllers and games are compatible with the Asus Transformer Pad, Galaxy Nexus, Samsung SII, Samsung SIII, Galaxy Note, and HTC One X.

How does it all work?

You implement the SDK, the user will require the service, and the SDK will look for the launcher and if the launcher is installed, the service will bind the controllers and bind them to the game.

How many controllers are supported for local Multiplayer?

Green Throttle supports up to 4 controllers connected on the same device.

Do you have an SDK?

Yes, for more information regarding the SDK please sign up for updates.

Do you provide a targeted phone or device in your SDK?

Not at this time.

Do you have an SDK for ios developers?

We’re working to support iOS developers, please be sure to sign up for updates regarding iOS.

What’s included in the SDK?

The Green Throttle SDK includes the following:

The Green Throttle Service .apk

  • Sample Code
  • Instructions
  • What version of Android do you support?

The Green Throttle SDK is currently being developed to support Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and we are working to extend our support to other versions of Android.…

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Green Throttle SDK 0.9 Preview

We hope that you enjoy this preview release of the Green Throttle SDK (0.9). We encourage you to take a look around and tinker while we ramp up for the official release of 1.0 in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned to our Developer Portal for information on when 1.0 will be available.

Download SDK 0.9 Preview

Atlas Controller Developer Packs now available

The first controllers are available exclusively for developers.…

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Why Develop Games for Green Throttle?

Get Your Games Noticed
Cut through the weeds of thousands of games and be featured in the Green Throttle Arena app.

It’s A New Era
Green Throttle wants to help you take the power back by providing an exceptionally flexible platform that allows you to leverage the lower-costs of mobile and web game development, but still deliver a “console-like” experience with true analog control for fluid gameplay.

Build For Multiplayer
You now have the ability to build local multiplayer games or any other game that might not have worked had they been built exclusively for mobile devices.

Move Beyond Touch
Free your imagination from the constraints of mobile device touch screens. With the Green Throttle experience, you’re no longer forced to design around the limitations of mobile platforms. Build your games to control exactly how you’d envisioned.

Leverage Your Assets & Widen Your Audience
Adapt your existing games to work with Atlas controllers and find a completely new audience for your vision.…

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Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $99.95

Special Price: $89.95


Quick Overview

Developer 2 Player Bundle

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Pre-orders only – Estimated Ship Date 12/12/12

One stop shop to get you up and running. The Developer 2-player bundle has everything you need to develop and test your Green Throttle compatible games on the TV. Ideal for a one person team developing local, multi-player games. The Atlas Controllers are ergonomically-designed for maximum comfort for countless hours of gameplay. With non-slip grip, Atlas Controllers will provide you with the very best in performance and accuracy. Estimated shipping 12/12/12.

(2) Atlas Controllers
(4) AA Alkaline Batteries
(1) Mobile HD TV Connector**
(1) HDMI Cable
(1) AC Adapter (Micro USB)
Bluetooth wireless technology with SPP for true analog support and 10ft. the gameplay experience
Easy set-up and installation
Designed to work with designated Android devices

** Mobile HD TV Connector is compatible with the following devices:

Google Galaxy Nexus
Galaxy Note

Additional Information
Color – Dark Gray
Dimensions – 6” X 4.2” X 2.5” – 153.8mm X 107.0mm X 62.6mm

*Dimensions are per controller

Battery Type – AA Batteries
Weight – 4.0000…

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