Why Develop Games for Green Throttle?

Get Your Games Noticed
Cut through the weeds of thousands of games and be featured in the Green Throttle Arena app.

It’s A New Era
Green Throttle wants to help you take the power back by providing an exceptionally flexible platform that allows you to leverage the lower-costs of mobile and web game development, but still deliver a “console-like” experience with true analog control for fluid gameplay.

Build For Multiplayer
You now have the ability to build local multiplayer games or any other game that might not have worked had they been built exclusively for mobile devices.

Move Beyond Touch
Free your imagination from the constraints of mobile device touch screens. With the Green Throttle experience, you’re no longer forced to design around the limitations of mobile platforms. Build your games to control exactly how you’d envisioned.

Leverage Your Assets & Widen Your Audience
Adapt your existing games to work with Atlas controllers and find a completely new audience for your vision.

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