Developer Kits Now Available for Pre-order!

Well, our controllers are really no fun without game developers like you. We are releasing our first batch of controllers directly to developers. Green Throttle is building a community of developers and we want you to join us!

A New Era

Green Throttle wants to help you take the power back by providing an exceptionally flexible platform that allows you to leverage the lower-costs of mobile and web game development but still deliver a “console-like” experience.

Move Beyond Touch

Free your imagination from the constraints of mobile device touch screens. With the Green Throttle experience, you’re no longer forced to design around the limitations of mobile platforms. Build your games to control exactly like how you’d envisioned.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I develop my game to use Green Throttle Controllers?
We’d love to have you develop games that are compatible with the Green Throttle controllers. Please sign up here for updates regarding our SDK.

What Devices do you support?

Currently, Green Throttle controllers will work with Android 3.2 and up and have been tested to run optimally for the Google Nexus, Samsung S3, and Asus Tablet.